* Unfortunately, due to funding constraints, Achieve Consulting Services inc, has folded in 2014.  No services are being provided at this time.

                                                        WELCOME TO ACHIEVE CONSULTING SERVICES INC.

                           Achieve Consulting Services inc. is a private non-profit organization that provides a wide range of educational

​​                            services to support individuals with learning disabilities & other developmental disabilities  to be successful in

                           ​​educational, residential and vocational settings. It is our role to determine the abilities, interest and needs of the 

                           ​​individuals, to develop strategies to support them to ACHIEVE their goals in life. 

                ​           Support services provided:

                                                                  1.  Educational consulting services

                                                                  2.  Parent/provider workshops

                                                                   3. After school enrichment tutoring program   
(program pending)

                                                                   4.  Summer skills program   ( program pending)

                                                                     5. Youth Transition Services  ( program pending)

                                                                     6. Professional Development Conferences

                                                                     7.  Adult Literacy program  ( program pending)

                         At Achieve Consulting Services inc., we celebrate the fact that each student is unique, therefore we tailor our

                        services depending on the individual's specific abilities and challenges to meet each person's needs while

                         building on areas of strength.  Our educational consultants are knowledgeable of federal regulations,

                         appropriate school placements and teaching methods, including accommodations to the school curriculum

                         to support educators to teach to each student's unique learning style to support student success in school.

                        ​Our educational consultants review and analyze evaluations, reports, testing and academic history as part of the

                        educational consulting process. We utilize person centered teaching strategies in conjunction with positive 

                        behavioral support techniques, to support the individuals to achieve their personal outcomes.

                        More importantly, at Achieve Consulting Services Inc.., we not only support the individual but their family as well.

                       We look at the individual as a whole ,including his or her family to provide the support & or referral services

                       needed to strengthen the family unit as well as the individual. You can Achieve, with Achieve Consulting Services inc. 


                                       ​​Let us show you how we are a cut above the rest ... contact us today for more

                                       information at (980) 989 -0098  or  email us at achieveconsultingservices@mail.com

Serving Gaston,Mecklenburg &      surrounding counties.
phone : (980) 989 - 0098